Top Picks for Mobile Melbourne Cup Wagering

The upcoming Melbourne Cup is one of the most anticipated races of the year. The excitement of going through the candidates, looking at the jockeys, terrain, and odds is part of what makes the thrill so exciting. To make the best possible wager on your mobile for the Melbourne Cup you need to figure out precisely whom it is you should wager on. Keep reading to discover precisely what you need to start doing ASAP in order to narrow your chosen candidates list down.

How to Choose Who to Wager on

To make the best possible decision on who to wager on for the Melbourne Cup you’ll need to first know the list of final candidates. This is only released the day before the race takes part on 4 November 2023. With only 24 spots available, competition is fierce. Especially considering that 132 horses have been nominated. To narrow these down to worthy candidates, you need to pay attention to who is worth wagering on by:

Looking at Current Winners

Consider any horses that have won any of the current events and are exempt from the ballot system in place. The events to note include the Cox Plate, Caufield Cup, Roy Higgins Quality, and Ebor Handicap to name a few. International winners to consider include ones that have won the Doncaster Cup from the UK and The San Juan Capistrano Handicap in the USA. As well as the Tenno Sho and Sankei Sho in Japan amongst others.

Choosing a Good Jockey and Trainer

While choosing a great horse is a deciding factor, so too is the jockey, as well as the trainer the horse has. This duo has full control over the horse’s potential. In their hands lies the race outcome. Paying attention to their past performances is important.

Narrow Down a Good Horse

Noting which horses are doing well in the current racing circuit has a role to play. However, don’t discount any newcomers who offer outstanding potential. The horses you select as top options need to have their height, past performances, track preferences, and expertise put under the lens.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

By now you should have a good shortlist of top picks that would be worth wagering on for the Mobile Melbourne Cup, and should be thinking about the bankroll strategy you’ll use just like you would when playing pokies. Once that’s done, you can stick with the top horse and jockey picks, or you can go above and beyond by considering these criteria too:


The distance at which the horses will be racing is a key factor to consider. This is important as some horses fare better over longer distances compared to shorter races.

Turf and Weather

The turf or the terrain that the horses will be racing upon is well worth considering. Whether it’s grass, sand, and will be firm, or wet all come into play. The role of weather on the race day plays a pivotal role. Glare, wind, and rain can all shift the outcome of the horse’s racing. It pays to keep it in mind when making your wager.

Now that you know how to choose a top pick for the Melbourne Cup it’s time to get on your mobile and place a wager. Look for best Melbourne Cup odds, place your bet and watch the race. After all, if nothing is ventured, then nothing is gained.

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