Winning Tales: Real Stories of NZs Who Won Big with Online Pokies

Just about everyone dreams of winning big. After all, when you play with luck on your side the opportunity to change your life is only one reel away.  This is why reading about those who’ve done the impossible remains a way to inspire all of us. The following are stories of real New Zealanders who have done just this and won significant amounts of money just by playing online pokies.

Rawiri Pou – $10.1 million

The most amount of money won in pokies by a New Zealander was in 2016. Rawiri Pou struck the progressive jackpot in the online pokies game Mega Moolah. When he won some money back, he decided to double down on his winnings and shortly after won the jackpot total of $10.1 million. A truly lifechanging amount.

Unnamed Winner – $6,720,526

One of the top impressive pokies winners is an anonymous person, who was playing one of the progressive jackpot slots of Mega Moolah at a popular online casino in New Zealand in 2020. While playing they lost a little at first, they didn’t let that deter them, since it was still early on in the game.

As time ticked by the anonymous person was on the receiving end of being able to randomly trigger the bonus round on a spin of the reels. This activated a mini-game where they played and then won the mega jackpot that had accumulated. They truly struck gold and managed to walk away with over $6 million.

Brendan M – $1 million

This mysterious online casino goer from New Zealand has an impressive track record of winning multiple jackpots from pokies over the years. He goes by the username Brendan M and while he’s lost quite a lot, he’s also won more than enough to make up for that. So far, to date, he’s won numerous jackpots that come to just over the value of $1 million.

What’s more impressive is that he hasn’t loyally stuck to any one single real money pokies game, and has changed his format and playing style over the years. This keep-it-fresh approach to slots has certainly stood in his favor.

S.M – $1 million

A mobile casino user known only by their screen name of S.M is another top New Zealander online pokies winner. This user has so far accumulated just over a million in slots wins over the past few years. However, they haven’t only stuck to the one game. Instead, they’ve diversified their profile and the types of pokies games they’ve played. By doing this, the player S.M has been able to rack up some impressive wins on other online slot games as well.

The above winners have shown that anything is possible with luck on your side, along with employing some common casino tips. Whether you decide to stick loyalty to one brand like the unnamed millionaire player or prefer to vary games and your luck by shifting between a few, may the reel odds be ever in your favor.

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