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Some critical issues to consider

We receive many inquiries from people about agripulp and paper mills.

We recommend that interested parties consider the following questions before starting any exploratory assessment of an agri-pulp business:

Who will finance the project?

A community-scale agri-pulp and paper mill will cost fifteen million to thirty million Euros. Of course, the resulting revenue stream could be in the range of forty million Euros annually at full production

What is the reason for making agri-pulp from straw and other agricultural fibres?

Do you have the support of your local community and government?
What cropped fibres or cropping residues are available?
What are the competing uses for these fibres, including those required for soil conservation?
What product are you interested in making - pulp? paper? pulp and paper?

When do you want to start the project?

Where will the agripulp processing plant be located?

In a rural community?
In an urban setting?

Why are you interested in our technology?

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