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Benefits and Advantages of Agripulp

Green Environment

Arbokem's patented pulping technology is energy-efficient and ecologically-sound.
There is no solid waste for the landfill. We turn the organic and inorganic chemicals leftover from the pulping process into fertilizer.
The process includes co-manufacturing of bioenergy. The agri-pulp production plant is energy self-sufficient. It produces its own steam and power to run the plant.
There are considerable financial benefits. Producers who use biomass for energy production receive greenhouse gas emission credits (cash).
The plant has a small environmental footprint. Manufacturing operations are on a community-based scale.

Clean Technology and Manufacturing

Different types of agricultural fibres can be pulped in existing mills and the equipment can be used with little or no modifications.
Our bleaching process is chlorine-free. No dioxins would be produced.
All process effluents would be collected for processing into fertilizers and other valuable industrial chemicals.
We use water sparingly. The plant does not make a big demand on the fresh water supply.
Gas emissions are minimal. There are no unpleasant smells.
The plant does not generate solid waste. There is no charge on the landfills.

Farm Economy

Farmers would be well-paid for their straw.
They would be invited to participate in the downstream operation of the agri-pulp and paper business.
The farmers would gain additional income from the sale of their straw.
The entire crop they grow would be used.

Social Community

New, full-time technology-based jobs would be created in rural communities.
These communities would thrive with small-scale manufacturing operations.
Young people would be able to live and work in their own communities.The rural way of life would continue.

Business Opportunity

There could be centralized integrated pulp and paper operations or a network of community pulping operations could cooperate with papermakers to produce agri-pulp paper.
The agripulp paper would be priced competitively.
The market for paper keeps expanding.
The profit margin would be good, in commensuration with the use of the novel technology concept and product design.

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   Green Environment
   Clean Technology    and Manufacturing
   Farm Economy
   Social Community
   Business Opportunity
Scientist says:
"Don't burn that straw!"