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Agripulp Unlimited

Agripulp Unlimited is a development of Arbokem Inc. an independent technology management and development company founded in 1983.

Since 1985, Abokem Inc. has been developing environmentally-friendly technology for pulping agricultural cropping residues.

In 1994, we built a demonstration agri-pulp mill in Alberta. Our environmentally-friendly technology is benign and the organic wheat straw pulp was used in bread-making (for the fibre content). Then we launched our line of agripulp paper - Arbokem's Downtown Paper No. 3.

We receive many inquiries from people who are interested in agripulp. This website provides information about our experience in the research and development of agripulp.

In our publications section we list the abstracts of the scientific papers written at Arbokem and presented at conferences or published in scientific journals.

This website is a resource for school children for class projects. Young people are learning to respect and take care of their environment and we want to encourage them. We will have an Eco-kids section and will be proud to post their projects on our website.